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Fitness for all.

We are an inclusive, adaptive health and fitness company that provides premier health and fitness services for all — regardless of disability.

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Make your fitness space more accessible. 

We create custom in-home gyms, corporate wellness programs and disability-friendly fitness studios. 

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Inclusive. Adaptive. Accessible.

We are Ability Fitness.

We proudly serve all ages and levels of training while specializing in working with people with cognitive and health disabilities. 


What people are saying.

Brittany, FL

“I'm significantly stronger and happier with my body.  I can jump on boxes now! I love training with Angelica.  The sessions fly by. She's great at pushing me to try harder weights and to challenge myself.  She celebrates my successes and helps me figure out how to continue my progress. She knows exactly where that point is where my workout is super hard, but I'm not debilitated with pain the next day. The sessions are always different and never boring.”

Madiha, IL

“Angelica is wonderful with my fourteen year old special needs daughter. She makes the sessions very fun for her while encouraging her to work hard. Dina has certainly become more comfortable and confident in water. She is always happy to see Angelica and never wants to miss a session."

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