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Frequently asked questions.

  • What disability do we work with?
    Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Blind, Brain Aneurism, Stroke Victims & Chronic Pain Syndrome.
  • What is the cost to have a coach?
    Prices are listed on our services page. Purchasing packages with Ability Fitness will ensure a lower price per session. The more sessions you book, the lower the cost per session.
  • If I am in Physical Therapy when should I start working with my coach again?
    Depending on what your physical therapy is for, it is great to work with a trainer while you are going through physical therapy. It is highly recommend after leaving physical therapy to talk to a health and fitness professional to make sure that the new health and fitness regimen after therapy is appropriate.
  • What to bring to the first swim lesson?
    Swim Suit Towel Water Bottle Dry Change of Clothes Googles (light/clear for indoor pools, tinted/darker for outdoor) please feel free to ask us for recommendations We will have all equipment needed for training If you feel you need a swim cap please let us know in advance so we can make sure to bring you one (we only carry silicon swim caps, if you would prefer something different please go to
  • What to bring to a boxing lesson?
    A good attitude Water bottle Gloves and wraps (go to please feel free to ask us for recommendations
  • How many times per week should you meet with your coach?
    Three factors that determine need for accountability, budget and availability. To truly work on a skill and make progress working with a coach should be done twice a week.
  • How does our hybrid program work?
    First, we start with a 1 hour consultation with program introduction( in person if in the Chicago land area, or virtually of out of area). Next, a follow up 30 minute virtual meeting to answer any questions. After, you get daily access to trainer to sk any basic questions (10 minutes or less) about program/exercise. These programs are great for individuals training for a race, those who accountant and can do the workout a coach constantly being there! These program do not include a diet plan as that is a different specialization
  • When do you start your child with swimming lessons?
    Swim lessons can start as early at 4-6 months old, it is highly recommend to start your child as early as possible to help with fear of water, and start to learn water safety and different skills in the water to keep them safe.
  • How long does it take to learn how to swim?
    A few factors that can determine the amount of time that it takes, previous experience in the pool, comfort level in pool, and how well you can adapt in the water (how long does it take to master a skill) this is the biggest factor, since swimming is so different than any other sport because you have to be in the water to practice swimming this is what can delay people the most. Which is why practicing outside of lessons and getting in the water is so important. These three factorsapply to children and adults.
  • Where do I meet my coach?
    You can meet your coach at your house hold (Chicago Land Area or North West Suburbs) or you can meet at one of our locations (Chicago Land Area).
  • Do I need equipment in my home to workout at home?
    You do not have to have anything when you start we have equipment that we can use to work with you. If you are looking to add equipment or build a fitness space in your home we will be happy to come out for a consult, and installation. If you are interesting in “Build with Ability” please fill out a contact form.
  • What happens if I am traveling and I do not finishing my package?
    Please email us at so we can make sure to record the dates you will be out of town so we can make sure your sessions do not expire. Sessions can also be used for virtual training. We can make recommendations for proper travel equipment to bring or use the space that you are in (hotel, home gym, park, beach etc.)
  • Where to meet for open water swim sessions?
    We will meet at Ohio Street Beach, sessions are dependent on the weather and bacteria level of the water.
  • What is the protocol for bringing a guest to a session?
    Please notify your coach as soon as possible (please do not “surprise” us at the time of the session). A guest will need to fill out a wavier and PAR-Q. If the guest is under the age of 18 a parent or guardian will need to fill out these forms. An additional charge will be added to the session for bringing extra guests, charges will be added to hosts account, if the guest becomes a reoccurring customer please let us know and we will make them a separate account so charge can accordingly. Please keep in mind for children swim lessons we love meeting our little athletes friends, but not everyone is at the same ability and comfort level in the water which can lead to a safety issue, make sure to talk to your coach before bringing in extra guests to ensure that safety is held at the highest level.
  • What does the process look like for building an in home gym?
    After filling out an inquiry form under “build with ability” we will contact you about setting up a consultation time. A consultation includes going to location to measure, draw a blueprint, and assess what kind of equipment could potentially fill the space of what your space. After consultation you will receive a quote within 72 hours. Once final quote is approved ordering will happen immediately. Dependent on equipment needed installation will happen within two weeks of approved quote. Installations are anywhere from 2-5 hours dependent on size of project. At the end of every installation all equipment will be cleaned and sanitized
  • What services can I use in my package?
    Packages can be mixed and matched between swimming, personal training, stretch therapy, pilates, and boxing. Your package can be used amongst your house hold. (Example:12 sessions are purchased for the month- mother does 4 personal training sessions, father does 4 boxing lesson, child takes 4 swimming lessons).
  • Interests in additional services from Ability Fitness?
    Please email us at we are happy to hear about what you are looking for.
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