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Ability Fitness’ Vision for Enhancing Quality of Life

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Where it Began

Founder, Angelica Ford started coaching when she was 14 teaching adults and children how to swim and her passion naturally grew from there. It was in college when she realized it was something that would never leave her life which motivated her to graduate with a double major in Kinesiology specializing in Fitness Development and Coaching.

SUNY Cortland opened Angelica's eyes with all of their adaptive programs, specifically the adaptive swim team that she grew to love. In her junior year, she took a ton of time to volunteer with amputee facilities to expand her experience and knowledge of disabilities.

It was not long after that she realized that it was going to be my life mission to change the adaptive world. The business I have built today took years and thousands of hours of volunteering, self-educating and endless donations of time, money and equipment to make sure that she and her team are fully operating.

Angelica constantly expresses the gratitude she has for her previous experience that led her to where she is today.

"I cannot put a price or explain the amount gratitude I have towards all of the people and place that have taught me more than I could have ever imagine" -Angelica Ford

Accessible, Adaptive Wellness Opportunity

The biggest and best opportunity that the health and wellness industry is the success stories, the road leading up to them take a lot of twists and turns but you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride

Client Success Stories

One of our clients has a spinal cord injury, every day we work with him on creating new neurological connection in his body, and loosening his muscles to make sure he can maintain function to rebuild and be able to walk again!

He is now back in his clinical study and showing great improvement from the work that we have done with him and looking to be hopeful to have him walk again

  • Why do you believe it is important for others to incorporate a more inclusive approach to health and fitness?

    • It is so important because you never ever know who will come in and change your life, your career and future.

    • This not only impacts those with disabilities but everyone else in the room

Partnerships to Drive Impact

Our partnerships vary from boutique gyms to hospitals, to corporate companies, and what we are showing is that we have something for EVERYONE. Because of our approach to the adaptive world our partnerships have gratitude for our “we can make anything work” approach to fitness.

What Does "Quality of Life” mean in the lens of Ability Fitness?

It means that the individuals get to engage in the lifestyle they choose. We have seen a lot of people in very different situations and those who feel they are living their highest quality of life are those who are following/doing/being the person they believe they should be.

For example : Gentleman with brain injury that completely changed his life and “taking away” many activities that others take for granted (working, living on his own, being in a relationship, independence), could not be happier for the everyday new comings and basic abilities that he does have. Every time we train him he talks about how grateful he is for viewing his new life in a different light.


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