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Pilates for Cerebral Palsy

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that targets the core, upper body, lower body, flexibility, and posture. This full-body workout is fit for everyone regardless of age, activity level, and physical or mental abilities. Research shows that Pilates has helped individuals with Cerebral Palsy gain a greater range of motion, increase strength and improve posture.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a movement disorder that typically includes stiff muscles, uncontrollable movements, and poor balance and coordination. Pilates is able to increase mobility and range of motion through several exercise patterns. The Reformer, a machine used in Pilates, has been shown to help children with CP gain greater control over their physical ability through repeated stretching and focused movements.

According to the National Library of Medicine, targeted training on the core with Pilates has been shown to improve balance and stability for individuals with CP. Adults with CP have reported better strength, posture, and balance between muscles that were previously weaker. Increasing the strength in postural muscles has also been shown to reduce pain for individuals with CP.

With the flexibility and strength training of Pilates, individuals with cerebral palsy can walk more independently, have a greater range of motion in limbs and joints, and have greater strength in muscles that were once weak and difficult to control. Pilates is an effective rehabilitative technique for children and adults with CP.

Pilates also helps reduce stress and improve mental health in individuals with Cerebral Palsy. That is why adaptive fitness is so important! We specialize in adaptive fitness services and our staff is trained to help accommodate your specific needs! Please reach out to us at to inquire about our adaptive training and booking information.


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